Natural ITP Blood Disorder Treatment – The Fastest Way to Recovery

Your platelets are low and your under doctors care. You are following the standard treatments. Are you on Prednisone or maybe Danazole? Has it been sometime now? Over a year? What ever your doctor is having you do, I know it must be rough.  Although the treatments may be helping it doesn’t make things any easier does it. Are you ready for something new. Something that will work and not have all the side effects?

I am not suggesting that you drop your doctor and stop treatments. Not at all! What I am suggesting is a way you can improve to the point of not needing them. By using natural ITP blood disorder treatment you will improve your health to the point that your doctor will take you off of Prednisone or what ever he has you on. If you think it isn’t possible I am here to say it is.

If you have been taking Prednisone for 10 years or longer you may still have to use a small amount each day because your body needs it now. It is difficult to discontinue when you have been using it that long. It is still possible but difficult. But if you have been on these or similar treatments for a short time, less than 5 years, natural herbs can be used to wean yourself for good!

Conventional ITP blood disorder treatments are pointed towards suppressing your immune system. Your doctor is trying to prevent platelets from being destroyed. If this doesn’t work stronger drugs are used, even chemotherapy.

Other conventional therapies used are based on the following:

1. Filtering your blood and eliminating deviant antibodies. This works but is only temporary since your body will produce replacements.

2. Surgery to remove your spleen. This has been one of the most used ITP blood disorder treatments and it has helped some. But it comes at a height cost. The side effects can be just as bad. Your platelet levels can go through the roof and this can be more serious than low platelets. Plus you are prone to certain infections that can wreck havoc with your body.

3.Intravenous Immunoglobulin. This is intended to destroy bad antibodies but doctors are not even sure how it works, and success is limited.

Wouldn’t it be nice to restore health following natural ITP blood disorder treatments? One thing for sure, it is less invasive, not usually expensive and many have already become healthy again because of it. Here are some of the benefits of natural ITP blood disorder treatment.

1. Cost less

2. Improves your complete health and not just raise platelets.

3. Non invasive. No surgery or powerful drugs with side effects.

4. You can do it at home. No long hospital stays or emergency room visits.

5. Compatible with your current treatments and will eliminate the need for them altogether.

6. Easy to implement. Some of the remedies are available at your local supermarket!

The odds of damage by using natural ITP blood disorder treatments are almost non existent. So why set on the fence any longer when you could improve treatment benefits four fold.

Start your natural ITP blood disorder treatment as soon as possible. Let your doctor know so he can cooperate with you. If your doctor is against natural treatments find one that will work with you without prejudice. The faster you start the quicker you will see results.


5 Responses to “Natural ITP Blood Disorder Treatment – The Fastest Way to Recovery”

  1. Janet Chung Says:

    I had ITP for long time. Without any treatment for over 14 years. Recently my platelet go up and down fast, drop blow 15k, current under IVIG treatment, after IVIG, it will go up to 80k, but within 10 days it still drops to 5k. I really want to know what is your natural treatment all about. Thank you for your help.


    • laurahjean Says:

      In order for natural treatment to help you will need to idenify what is causing your platelets to drop. This is easier said than done. New test are being developed each day. Maggi Pier reccommends using bio tracker technology and dna saliva testing which has help her to idenify her daughter’s triggers and once those are avioded she was able to build up her daughter’s immune system and increase her plateltes. Since you have been dealing with this successfully for a long time you might what to examine what you have been doing that is different than before. In my case I have noticed that as I get older more things trigger my autoimmune disease, especially stress.

  2. Stephen Says:

    So what is it you are talking about that would be a natural herb? Would you email me at
    I don’t see anything listed here.

    • laurahjean Says:

      Treatments using natural techniques, including herbs, vary from person to person depending apon what the actual cause of your ITP disorder is. In my case I have several triggers I need to avoid and as I get older I have to be more careful. I suggest that you follow my link and get the free down load from Maggi Pier that will help you get started in seeing what will work for you. Wish you the best.

  3. Seasons Says:

    You you could edit the post subject title Natural ITP Blood Disorder Treatment – The Fastest Way to Recovery End Low Platelet Blood Count – ITP to more specific for your content you write. I enjoyed the the writing yet.

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